To be honest, I’ve always thought blogs were kind of stupid. I mean, blogs started off as online diaries, and why would anyone want the whole world to read their diary? Not that I’ve ever kept a diary. I was too much of a perfectionist; I would write something and then decide that it didn’t look perfect and then I would just trash it.

So why have a blog now? In 2009, I stumbled on fashion blogs and I was instantly addicted. Still am, and I really admire so many of them, and many fashion bloggers’ styles. I thought about making my own blog but kept putting it off because I reasoned that I’m simply too busy with everything else. Anyway, would anyone even bother reading my blog? But my friend managed to convince me to give this a try and watching the movie Julie & Julia just a few hours ago on the plane inspired me a little too.

Well, I’m here to give it try I guess. Fashion, music, and any other random things that pop into my head. For now though, I guess here’s an introduction to me and my blog.



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